Friday, February 5, 2021

Story Mapping with Mentor Text, Joseph Had a Little Overcoat

Have you ever had that moment when you read a book for the very first time not knowing at all what to expect, and absolutely love it! This is what happened to me when I read Joseph Had A Little Overcoat.

 I love this book just for fun...I'll get to that, but also for story mapping; specifically sequencing and retelling. The illustrations are creative and playful in such a way that connects the reader instantly!
The descriptive language and the illustrations provide those visuals to help the reader connect in meaningful ways as the story progresses.

Visual & Descriptive Progressions

Joseph starts off wearing an overcoat which, from looking at the cover page, is old and worn. Instead of getting rid of it he decided to make something new from it. This progression continues until he is left with a button...which he loses. Just when the reader thinks ALL is lost, Joseph decided to make a book about it! The lesson - you can always make something out of nothing!

As the reader goes through the story each time, Joseph makes something new from the original overcoat. The new item essentially becomes part of his everyday life. When reading for the first comes the fun, there is a little cut-out of the new item he makes creatively hidden within the illustrations. When the page is turned, it becomes part of the new illustration. Students love this! It's so much fun to have students guess what he will make next. Students begin to look for the cut-out clues and the excitement builds with the turn of each page. 

Here's the progression:

  • overcoat to jacket
  • jacket to vest
  • vest to scarf
  • scarf to necktie
  • necktie to handkerchief
  • handkerchief to button 
  • button to book
For my English Language Learners, I use every opportunity to bring in realia. Bringing in the items (overcoat, jacket, vest, scarf, necktie, handkerchief, button) help to reinforce language skills and vocabulary words. These items can also help with retelling. 

Here are some graphic organizers I created to use along with this book. Click on the image to grab your copy free!

I, of course, love to read this book aloud which I always do for the 1st and 2nd read, but we finish up by watching this adorable animated read-aloud. The voices are perfect and the background noises and commentary always crack me up.

We wrap it all up with this fun song that goes with the book! 

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I always do.

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