Thursday, June 6, 2019

Write All About It

Picture it...You are in the middle of an amazing lesson that you spent 3 prep-periods preparing. Students are engaged, everyone is paying attention. You ask a question and see lots of eager hands dart up. You call on the most eager, bright-eyed wiggle worm you see because it looks like they will explode if you don't call on them. When you do, you immediately regret it because instead of answering your question, they can't wait to tell you about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the lesson.

Students love talking about things they are interested in and passionate about. If they enjoy talking about a topic, they will love writing about it. This is my attempt to tap into what students are interested in and allow them to write about it. The following pages are a combination of graphic organizers, writing templates and journal pages that cover topics students love all designed to get students excited about writing.

As teachers, we are faced with countless distractions every single day. How many times do you catch a student with a toy in their pocket or held tight in their little hand. I love when Kiddos are so excited and passionate about something that they want to take it with them everywhere they go. The best part is when you simply ask, "What is that?" Those two words can spark a no turning back conversation. You can finish your cup of coffee, take attendance, check your email, even leave the room, and the kiddo is still standing there talking about this little treasure in their hand. This is exactly why I created these journal pages.

These pages are versatile and can be used in so many ways. Check out how I use them in my classroom and recommendations on how you can use them in yours.